Mahindra has always been one of the favorite brands of Indians when it comes to cars and vehicles. Mahindra has grown itself to a huge extent after the company launched the mHawk engine which is considered to be a good rival to engines of other brands.

The Mahindra XUV300 comes with 1.5-litre turbocharged engine in its diesel variants which produces 115 bhp of power at 3750 rpm and gives a torque of 300Nm @ 1500-2000 rpm whereas the petrol variant comes with 1.2-litre engine produces 110bhp of power at 5000rpm and a torque of 200Nm @ 2000-3500 rpm.

If we compare XUV300 with other vehicles in this segment, XUV300 gives a tough competition. XUV300 has less power if we go with the specs, but has a greater amount of torque than all of its competitors including Hyundai Creta which has higher power than XUV 300. There are few features that seem to be missing in XUV300, for example, Day Time Running Lights which are present in Hyundai Creta and the fuel tank of XUV300 also seem to be smaller than Creta. Nonetheless, XUV300 performs better than other competitors when it comes to acceleration and fuel efficiency. So, while looking out to buy a vehicle in this segment, you need to be precise about what you ought to look for in a vehicle. If you are looking for more features in interiors and heavy built body, better not go with this vehicle, however, if you are looking to buy a better performer, this car is definitely for you.

Have a look at the main specifications of the car below:

About the Engine

xuv300 diesel engine specifications

About the Dimensions

xuv300 diesel dimensions

The XUV300’s 6-speed gearbox gives the vehicle an advantage at high speed maintaining low vibrations and a smooth drive. The cockpit of the vehicle seems to be pretty silent and the steering feels light to drive in heavy traffic. Gear shifting has also been improved as per the experts. Mahindra has been working on its stability and safety features from a long time and has succeeded upto a great extent. XUV300 has been rated well in the crash test and the feels pretty stable even while driving at speed of 150 km/h. The suspension also has an important role to play in the stability of the vehicle, so little speed bumps won’t bother you while drive this beast XUV300.